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Improve cross-border business with AR technology

Make remote collaboration unrestricted during the pandemic

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Why choose GreenGrid AR collaboration service?


Intelligent remote collaboration improves multinational cooperation  efficiency.

Cost Down

No need to visit the site, save travel and labor costs.


Historical records can be stored, which helps companies build digital assets.


Real-time connection and map positioning ensure the reliability of process and results.

How is AR technology applied?

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On-site Audit of Suppliers

GreenGrid AR bridging the distance from on-site to real office. Through platform system, customers could experience the supplier's workshop, laboratory and warehouse to truly feel the supplier and certify whether it meets your standards.

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Production Process Supervision

The AR supports a full self-assessment where the site manager can live broadcast, voice communication, upload documents so that the customer could supervise the entire manufacturing process and know the production progress of your orders.

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AR Remote Inspection

Remote video inspections with screen-in-screen video allows the inspector to simultaneously view the inspection site and digital workflow to save time and avoid errors. Customer could participate in factory test through online system.

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Remote Equipment Installation

Offsite suppliers could provide installation guidance online while customers wear AR equipment. The supplier could quickly identify and solve the problem, to increase fix rates, decrease training time and reduce recurring costs.

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What is the service procedure?

     Send your AR service request online>>

      Register an account to check the service progress online within 24 hours>>

     Communicate deeply and generate customized service proposal.

     Sign the order.

    Enjoy AR service.

What are the features of AR devices?

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If you need to purchase AR glasses, please fill in the purchasing information through below link.

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If you have any other requirements or problems, please leave us message.

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