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PRODUCTION SUPERVISION                                                                                                                                                        Sample Report 

Provides ongoing tracking and reporting of production progress.                          

Site supervision    |    Fast service    |    Detailed report

 Keep up-to date on production

 Reduce risk of order delays

 View product details before shipmen

TYPE TEST                                                                                                                                                                                           Test Case 

Independently conducted by professional third-party service providers.             

Independent 3rd party  |   Professional lab technician&lab equipment   |   Free progress tracking service

 Inspection Report issued by authoritative laboratory

 Professional consulting services to help you choose authoritative laboratory

 Enjoy GREENGRID's lower price

ACCEPTANCE TEST                                                                                                                                                                       Sample Report 

Independently conducted by professional team of GREENGRID. We will randomly check products against order specifications.                          

Low-cost pricing   |    Professional inspector     |     High-efficiency

 Check for product conformity 

 Reduce risk of quality issues

 Enjoy high-efficiency and effective cost savings

Please contact to our customer service if you have any other personalized service on Quality Supervision and Inspection.

If you have more customized service demand, please leave us the message. We will reply you soon.

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How it works?

    Choose the quality supervision and inspection service which you need online.  

    Communicate deeply and generate customized service. 

    Sign the order.

    Audit effectively.

    Check the service schedule and daily progress online with 24 hours.


Q: How to ensure the accuracy of test results?

A: Before the witness operation, our staff will check all the inspection equipment and measuring tools needed for product inspection one by one to ensure that all the equipment and measuring tools have been calibrated by a third party organization and within the validity period. If there is no valid calibration certification, they will not be used. 

Q: How to contact the laboratory during the test?

 A: When the requirements are formally submitted and come into effect, there will be contact information of the corresponding laboratory on your personal page. You can directly contact the laboratory through this information. 

Q: Can changes be made after the requirements are submitted and effective?

A: In the early stage of the project, staff will communicate with you one-on-one to confirm the requirements in formation. Once the information is submitted to the laboratory, the requirements will not be changed. 

Q: What kind of product delivery inspection site witness service can be implemented?

A: We have a strong technical team support, as long as you can provide clear product standards and requirements, the products in the product service list of our platform can achieve on-site inspection service.

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