Monthly Feature Summary

We released several new and updated features for GreenGrid in May, 
including:  Online Contact, Message Notification and Online Order Preview Function


Online and offline integration, timely know the order progress.

Convenient and smooth online ordering experience.

Function Display

Function 1: Online Contact

- Enter the page of contacting us through the footer and quickly contact us online.

- GreenGrid exclusive customer service team will response within 24 hours. 

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Function 2: Message Notification

- Key nodes of the order process, including order signing, inspection and delivery, etc., will be reminded by email messages, so that customers can timely know the order progress.

- Customers can quickly identify the information through the email content and enter the relevant page of GreenGrid platform to view the details online. 

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Function 3: Online Order Preview

Customers can edit the order content online, and preview the order online before sending the order, which is convenient to check the document information and ensure the accuracy of the order.

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