Supply Chain Direct Financing Service

Provided by GREENGRID, in cooperation with Banks and Financial Institutions

To make Value For Better Business



Improve the efficiency of purchasing funds. Do more business with the same money.

Supply Chain 

Supply chain financing service based on transaction and customers' credit records.

Banks &
Financial Institutions

Cooperate with various international Banks and Financial Institutions.


Transaction visualization based on big data and info blockchain technology application.

What will you get?

30/60/90/120  Days

Customized after sight payment terms service

Annual credit line from

$ 100,000

for Silver/Gold/Platinum member

Daily interest rate from 

for registered members

Get a credit line in 

Working days

Advanced payment is compulsory, which subject to final negotiation between Buyer and GGT. Credit line and financing service fee will be decided on customer's credit situation. Contact us to know more.

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How it works?

   Apply online with Business License and last 2-year financial statement only.

   Credit Evaluation and get a confirmation of credit line.

   Place online purchasing order.

   Excuse the order and enjoy GGT supply chain direct financing service with higher purchasing capital efficiency. 

   Arrange balanced payment to GGT when accounts payable due.

Not Found? Need More?

If you need any other requirement or customized financing service demand, please fill in the table and tell us what you need. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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